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Run a Better Ag Retail Business

What could you do with complete visibility into every aspect of the sales process? Stomp your competition.

  • Manage Orders, Products and Prices in One Platform
    Updating and communicating pricing changes happens instantaneously. View and edit all products in one location. Keep all your customer orders in one location.
  • Finally, a CRM Platform Designed for the Ag Sales Professionals
    All the functionality they need – nothing they don’t. By solving data entry challenges at the salesperson level, we provide management the visibility they need to run a better business.
  • Turn “My Customers” into “Our Customers”
    Never lose a customer to employee turnover. With GROWERS Rally, all customer information is saved in one secure location, not a notebook, or employee cell phone.
  • A Single View of the Customer
    Past sales, sales currently in progress, AND forecasts for future sales – all in one platform.
  • Create and Share Product Bundles
    Programs and corresponding prices/promotions can be created, shared, and edited (if needed) instantaneously.
  • Total Pipeline Visibility
    Real time visibility into the sales pipeline by each seller and stage – as well as what products and prices have been planned, booked, or contracted.

Introducing Sales Intelligence

Increase margins and maximize sales by getting the right product at the right price-point in front of the right customer with GROWERS Rally!

  • Manage sales teams
  • Proactively plan sales
  • Instantly see team’s sales performance
  • Avoid customer attrition and missed sales opportunities with live alerts
  • Understand progress against manufacturer rebate goals
  • Customize organizational goals and track progress
  • Optimize product prices

Meet GROWERS Rally

A proven platform that increases sales, builds powerful customer relationships, and ensures professional communication throughout the sales process.

New Feature: Generate Quotes Quickly

  • Easily build quotes for customers without having to go through the full Farm Plan process.
  • Name the quote, select products and rates, apply any discounts, send to the customer via text message or email.
  • Quotes are stored in GROWERS Rally for future reference.
  • Read our product release blog here

Easily Create Product Bundle Templates

  • Bundle products to create tank mixes or programs assigned to an entire crop.
  • Set application or treatment rates and automatically calculate quantities required by SKU and cost per unit.
  • Switch between your product categories to make creating program templates quick and easy.

Collaborate Across Your Entire Team

  • Build reports to identify the most valuable product price points, pipeline progress, and which products are in high demand.
  • Have visibility into your team’s deal information, applied discounts, and programs on one platform. 
  • Capture the sales planning process and build customer connections by providing a professional customer experience through text message and email deliverables.

Have Updated Pricing at Your Fingertips

  • Sellers can create plans and change statuses from planned, booked, or contracted, and gain visibility into location, seller, or product information.
  • Access all price and product information from anywhere, any time, whether in the field, in the office, or on the go.
  • View the total dollar amount in various stages of the sales pipeline.

Share Deliverables Via Text or Email

  • From the truck cab or the kitchen table, mobile access to custom programs makes accessibility easier than ever.
  • Create farm recommendations to share with customers that let your team stand out from the crowd.

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