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An all-in-one platform to help ag retailers, trusted advisors, and farmers work better together to build the future of agriculture.

Precision ag software, perfected


Unify your farmer’s field boundaries, historical yields, and crop plans, preferred products, and yield goals into one, viewable dashboard.


Run fast, unlimited what-if scenarios to see the impact of your decisions before making them.


With Growers, you can make recommendations across your farmer’s entire business in a matter of minutes.

“Growers is exactly the partner we needed to extract value from our customer’s data. At the end of the day, the most important person is the farmer. When you help the customer farm better, you succeed too.”

Layne Richins

Precision Ag Manager
Stotz Equipment
“There’s so much data out there, but Growers helps me connect with that data and understand it. I sleep easier at night knowing I have them in my corner to help me with my farming operation.”

Justin Allen

       North Slope Farms

Sales Tool

Helps ag retailers organize everything into one place, adjust variables in seconds, and make recommendations that drive success on your customer’s farm.
  • Position your products on your customer’s acres
  • Create custom crop, fertility, seed, & chemical plans
  • Generate purchase summary reports with a single tap
  • In just a few taps, evaluate farm profitability
  • Work offline, anywhere

Agronomy Tool

Make the right decisions every time with precision ag software that’s easy, complete, and powerful. Plan, prescribe, and grow. Anywhere.
  • Minimal data entry
  • Create variable rate prescriptions in seconds
  • Easily export prescriptions to your farmer’s equipment
  • In just a few taps, evaluate farm profitability
  • Work offline, anywhere

Who's it for?

We believe that if we all align around the success of the farmer, there’s no limit to our potential. That’s why we designed our tools to help the entire ag community grow without compromise.
Ag Retailers
Equipment/Technology Dealers
Financial Institutions
Land Managers


across the country work with Growers

Grow your potential today.

With tools that drive better decision making on every acre, creating a sustainable, profitable future for farming has never been easier.

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