Make the right decisions every time using precisions ag software that's easy, complete, and powerful.

Plan, prescribe, and grow. Anywhere.

Your farmer's crop plan on autopilot

Capture your farmer’s data in one place. Make quick adjustments to find the best solutions, and apply with precision the exact plan you want, to as many acres as your farmer has, all in a few clicks.

Built for the trusted ag advisor, like you.

Work where your farmer is – in the field. Built for iOS and web applications with an intuitive interface to help you access, view, and execute on your farmer’s data quickly.

Help your farmers achieve all their goals with Growers Agronomy Tool


Unify your farmer’s field boundaries, historical yields, and crop plans, preferred products, and yield goals into one, viewable dashboard.


Run fast, unlimited what-if scenarios to see the impact of your decisions before making them.


With Growers, you can make recommendations across your farmer’s entire business in a matter of minutes.

Where all your planting decisions come together

Manage more

Build crop plans, variable rate fertility and planting prescriptions, and design a chemical program all in our app.

Work offline, anywhere

Change inputs, adjust prices, or add custom nutrients on your mobile device, wherever is convenient for your farmer.

Reduce manual tasks

Our tool does data entry for you, so you can apply variable or flat rate prescriptions on every field in seconds.

Better planning

Quickly see the historical performance of your farmer’s seeds, fertilizers, and chemicals.

React quickly

Keep up with the speed of farming. Adjust your farmer’s plan as needs or commodity prices change.

Bet the farm on it

Forecast your farmer’s profitability ahead of time with a single tap.

Gain control

With Agronomy Tool, help your farmer make solid decisions in every aspect of their operation.

Report on progress

Quickly see how the farm is performing and where you need to focus your efforts.

Do better work, together

Take your services to the next level. Track what’s important to your farmer and get everyone on the same page.

There's a better
way to farm

And here are some the ways our software will help you and your farmer do it.
Mobile & Desktop access
Collaborate offline or online with your farmers.
Cloud storage
Save your plans to the Cloud when you’re back in WiFi.
Field boundaries
Upload field boundaries to create prescriptions tailored to your farmer’s needs and goals.
Farm & field data
Gather everything, including grower, farm, and field data into one, viewable dashboard.
Soil test results
Review soil test results on a field by field basis.
Nutrient credit
Apply credit for nutrients already present in your farmer’s field.
Chemical tank mixes
Create easy chemical tank mixes and batch apply them to all your customer’s fields.
Variable rate prescriptions
Assign variable rate prescriptions for potassium, phosphorus, lime, nitrogen, and seeds.
Fixed costs
Input fixed costs for each crop on your customer’s farm.
Create crop, seed, & fertility plans
With a few taps, assign seed, fertility and chemical plans to individual fields.
What-if analysis
Quickly and easily conduct what-if analysis on all farming decisions.
Save logic
Save basic assumptions regarding the use of your farmer’s machinery and inputs as “logics” that can be quickly applied on multiple fields.
Input summary
Review summary of inputs needed for the farming season.
Financial impact
See the impact of your decisions before you make them, and adjust projected profitability as yield projections change.
Product lists
Create proprietary lists of your seeds, fertilizers, or chemicals. Plus, customize product lists for each customer.
Custom pricing
Adjust pricing to reflect current market conditions, easily roll out updates to your team, and customize pricing per customer.
Purchase summaries
Easily export purchase summaries for better planning in-season and in the future.
Export shape files
Execute your plans with ease by creating, exporting, and uploading shape files into your farmer’s equipment.
Historical data
Gather historical harvest data in one convenient location, and review historical yield results on a field by field basis.
Yield goals
Based on harvest results, adjust yield goals for the upcoming crop season.
Easy reports
Easily review reports on farm performance.
View-only permissions
Share your crop plan with your customer without worrying about unwanted edits.

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Across The Industry

“Growers is exactly the partner we needed to extract value from our customer's data. At the end of the day, the most important person is the farmer. When you help the customer farm better, you succeed too."

Layne Richins

Precision Ag Manager, Stotz Equipment

“Our farmers can’t believe all the information we can give them about their farm. Now they can sit down and make important decisions in just a few seconds."

Amber Tsirnikas

Agronomic Services Operations Manager, Benchmark Agriculture Solutions

We support you through it all.

And we mean all.

Onsite Training

We bring our trainers to your location so you get hands-on experience on how to quickly create and execute crop plans and variable rate prescriptions.

Excellent support

Questions? Our Customer Success Managers are ready to help if you get stuck.


We designed our tools to bring everyone, from the farmer to the seed dealer, to the table with one platform that drives a sustainable, profitable future.

Be the person your farmers can’t do without

Simplify tasks and help your farmers make better decisions with their seed, fertilizer, chemical, and capital. Schedule your free demo today, and put Growers Agronomy Tool to work.

Frequently Asked Questions

No! Growers Agronomy Tool is simply that – a tool – for farmers’ trusted ag advisors to more efficiently serve their customers.

The Growers Agronomy Tool helps a farmer’s advisor easily create seed, fertilizer, and chemical recommendations, as well as variable rate prescriptions from scratch, in a matter of seconds.

The Growers Sales Tool supports the efficient placement of seed, fertilizer, and chemicals across all of your farmers’ fields, with just a boundary and your product list.

In addition to our Agronomy Tool, you get:

  • Dedicated Growers Customer Success Manager to provide
    ongoing support and training during customer’s business hours
  • Access to Growers in-house agronomy, field, and data expertise
  • Data standardization, organization, cleaning, and ingestion into iOS application and web view (Includes: boundary, soil sample, harvest, imagery and EC data depending on the product purchased)
  • Ingestion of Customer’s product list to iOS application
  • Access to library of Growers-created self-serve tutorials

Growers Agronomy Tool is supported on an iOS (iPad) device.

Yes! We pride ourselves on supporting you and all of your farmers – no matter what they need.

As an advisor, you can manage as many farmers as you want within Growers Agronomy Tool.

Growers technology can support most row crops if provided with planting and fertility logic. You can consult our Customer Success Managers for more information.

Growers does NOT own the data provided to Growers. Growers simply has access to the data.

Data Ownership: Ownership of data cannot be forfeited.

Data Access: Access is temporary and tied to a specific contract with a defined scope and start and end date.

No, Growers does NOT sell or expose your data. Growers will not:

  • Expose personally identifiable information
  • Sell or disclose your farm data to any 3rd party outside of what is contracted
  • Retain your farm data after 180 days post contract end date unless otherwise instructed

With all data access, we require authentication and authorization. We also back up your data and encrypt it when in transit or at rest.

For more FAQ’s about the Growers Agronomy Tool, click to download this FAQ guide.

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Building your Crop Plan with Growers Agronomy Tool Demo
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Customizing your Crop Plan Map, Verifying Yield Goals
Building Prescriptions to Maintain Profitability Confidence on Your Farm
Building Prescriptions to Maintain Profitability Confidence on Your Farm
Exporting and Executing Your Final Plans for Profitability
Exporting and Executing Your Final Plans for Profitability
Viewing Soil Test Results
Viewing Soil Test Results
Writing Variable Rate Prescriptions
Writing Variable Rate Prescriptions