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4 Seed Selection Tips to Increase Profitability & Productivity in 2020

Seeds in truck.

Now’s the time to make your seed choices and place orders.

Like all farmers, you base your annual budget on fixed and variable costs. It’s a tight margin business, and profitability can vary widely. Seed selection can make all the difference between a year of success and a year of decline. 

So, are you confident the information you have will help you make the right choices? 

Our technology does a lot of the work for you. All you have to do is review our data and recommendations to make the final call.

Read below to learn more about how our technology and process can help you with seed selection. 


Choose the best seed at the best price.

We use a regional ranking system based on similar climate and soil types. You get access to a database that tells you what seeds you bought in the past, how they performed, and how hybrids performed in your region.

Then, we break down the data. What did you purchase last year, and how well did it perform? Did one hybrid perform better in certain spots? Or did it do poorly across the board?

We can also rank soil on productivity (it’s essential to know which portions of fields are more or less productive).

You can use our app to input anticipated costs for the season and evaluate the hybrid seed you’re considering.

For example, let’s say, by planting a particular hybrid seed, we estimate your farm will produce four bushels more per acre. Will that be a good return on your investment?

We can help you make that decision. We’re looking for that sweet spot. What’s the best quality seed at the best price that’ll produce the highest yields?


Reevaluate seed choices every year to lower costs.

When you know how your seed, and those in your area, performed last year, you can make a more confident decision in which seed packages can grow your farm in the future. 

Seed with multiple traits offers are convenient, but also more expensive. However, you can selectively choose the traits you need on your farm to save on costs. 

It’s also important to know whether you need offensive or defensive hybrids based on your soil productivity. You can base your planting population rates on that knowledge and choose the best hybrid that suits the ground on your farm.


Increase productivity.

Our farmers use our technology to improve their profitability and productivity.

They can make informed decisions and increase their efficiency. We don’t necessarily reduce inputs, but if we can help create more yield, that means more money at harvest for them.

For example, we have farmers in the Texas Panhandle that significantly increased their yields. They used our technology to apply the right seed, in the right amount, in the right place.

If you want to add more hybrids to your planting program, you’d typically have a long list of factors to consider, such as cost, traits, and coverage.

Our app makes the process easy. You get a recommendation on a good plant population and have the area calculated. You’ll know exactly how much seed you need for your specific fields and what it’ll cost.


Get unbiased insight.

Our company isn’t owned by a larger company that sells seed or fertilizer. We provide solid data and unbiased recommendations, so our customers know we’re putting their best interests first.

It’s a big plus for our customers and unique in the industry. 

Do you want to make informed, data-driven decisions next season? 

Schedule a free call at 984.500.3797 to learn how we can help you grow a stronger operation.

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