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Feature Spotlight

Programs: You Need Them. Here’s Why.

User-Created Input Programs That Differentiate Your Business

The Problem

If everyone is selling the same thing in the ag industry, your company needs to differentiate itself through other means. One way is to offer consistent and high-quality customer service. Your customers want to know that the reason you’re selling them a product is that you believe it will work for them. Not because you want to hit a quota. This isn’t done by just selling chem and fert products; it’s done through program recommendations and advice. 

But how do you get them to look at your recommendations? By handing them professional grower plans that you have created for them. Plans should consist of all the information your customer needs to make a well-informed decision. And, what is a plan if not a curated program, specific to a customer?

The Solution

A GROWERS.RALLY-created concept, Programs are per acre, per crop, grower agnostic plans that include all product inputs and application rates required to grow a single acre of a specific crop. These Programs use flexible planning units that become grower-specific as they are applied to a grower in the farm plan creation process. 

Programs provide a space for ag retailers to plan out every pass through the field starting with planting or any time throughout the season, so it’s all done in one place. Of course, there may be changes here and there depending on insect and weed pressure, weather, etc. but those products within the program can be tweaked accordingly.

What’s In a RALLY Program? 

  • Basic Crop Details 
  • What-If Scenario Parameters
  • Individual Passes Across a Field
  • Profit Summary

The Result

The goal of Programs in RALLY is to provide a way for your team to create start-to-finish farm recommendations to share with customers, allowing your business to stand out from the crowd and increasing the chance to get the sale in every input needed during the growing season. Farmers want ag retailers that can be solid advisors for their business. A retailer that can tell a customer what products to buy and explain how those products will best benefit their fields is the one that will grow wallet share.

Created by users, Programs: 

  • Eliminate the handwritten process of notating multiple inputs in spreadsheets and on paper.
  • Streamlines all the inputs into one place for each field.
  • Allows for quick adaptations 
  • Equip teams with the necessary tools to quickly create “What-If” scenarios when talking to customers during the planning phase. 
  • Improve consistency in quality of grower deliverables across all team members.

Using RALLY Programs means that you and your retail team can give customers a more predictable and consistent customer service experience. Create custom grower programs, access and update past programs instead of starting from scratch every year, and build program templates to share across the team and increase consistency.

Don’t be the one to only win on price. Start building on your team’s reputation. Let’s chat about how to get your team started using RALLY Programs today. 

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