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NEW Updates to The GROWERS APP: Version 0.5

The GROWERS App has made some new exciting updates based on user feedback. 

New “Create Product Request” workflow

The workflow for creating a new product request has been refreshed with an emphasis on:

  • Speed: it’s faster and easier to add products, retailers, and details to a request.
  • Simplicity: the wording and patterns used throughout the workflow are easier to understand. (For example, fulfillment details are now presented on a single step.)
  • Responsiveness: the workflow looks great on any device, from desktop computers to mobile devices.

New GROWERS Retail Network updates within the Create Product Request workflow

When farmers are creating their Product Requests:

  • When farmers are putting a request together they can now see which Network Retailers their request will go to, based on those that service the farmer’s county. This is meant to help communicate which companies are active in their area
  • We are also providing the farmer the ability to choose which Network Retailers to add to the Product Request, and to remove them as the farmers desire.

Click here to sign into The GROWERS App, or create an account.

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