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North Carolina Farmer Increases Efficiency with GROWERS Input Management Tool

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Michael Troxler


Guilford County, North Carolina



Crops Managed

Tobacco, Wheat, Soybeans

Michael Troxler is a second generation farmer in Guilford County, North Carolina. Driven to build on the foundation laid by his parents, Michael is determined to see his family farm succeed and seeks out new ways to navigate a threat to his farm’s profitability – the unknown.

“There’s so much uncertainty in the marketplace,” Michael says. “I’m constantly looking for better ways to do things, while making sure I have Dad’s buy-in since we’re co-operators of the farm. I wanted something to help me remove some of that uncertainty.”

Michael heard about the GROWERS App and wanted to find out more about how the app may be the answer he has been looking for. 

“The [GROWERS] app helps me solve a problem that I didn’t even recognize and removes some of the unpredictability of the industry,” Michael says.

Empowering Farmers and Operational Efficiency

The GROWERS App was created to help farmers take control of the input management process through a centralized dashboard where they can manage prices and quotes along with having extended access to products and services. 

“Prices of everything keep shooting up. The app helps me combat this by giving me the ability to see the prices that matter most to me in one place and easily compare them in real time,” says Michael. “Finally, I feel like I have a leg up in the industry.”

Michael says he finds the app encourages good habits as it requires him to order purposefully.

“The app has made us a whole lot more efficient. Before making an order, you have to think through the product you’re actually going to use and get it all entered correctly,” says Michael. “It lessens the amount of trips I have to drive back and forth because we need more product because it makes you plan—sounds like saving dollars in gas to me.”

Increasing Access to More Ag Retailers

With the GROWERS App, farmers are able to send requests out to their retailers or open quotes up to the GROWERS Retail Network, a group of agriculture retailers and cooperatives that meet GROWERS’ standards of service, reputation and commitment to serving farmers. (Join the network here).

“One of the many points we heard over and over again from farmers is they feel limited to the products, knowledge and prices of their local retailers,” says Steven Valencsin, GROWERS CEO. “To give farmers access to the widest range of products and services at the best prices, while also ensuring they have an excellent customer experience, we realized we needed to build our own network of retailers who met our high standards of service and integrity, thus the conception of the GROWERS Retail Network.” (Read more from the CropLife article)

Michael has seen the value of the GROWERS Retail Network from his first experience on the GROWERS App.

“My first order from the app was with a retailer in the network, and it was really straightforward,” says Michael. “It was as simple as accepting the quote from the retailer and getting the product. Everything’s taken care of after that. Plus, you have a GROWERS rep helping you out through the process, so if I did have questions, they got answered really quickly.”

Strengthening the Retailer/Farmer Relationships

Even with the GROWERS App and GROWERS Retail Network in his back pocket, Michael feels confident in his existing relationships with his local ag retail connections.

“Technology like this [GROWERS] app isn’t going to hinder our relationships, but make them better,” says Michael. “It’s going to ask the retailer to work harder on their relationships and meet the needs of the farmer while having more competition.”

Michael knows the value of keeping his relationships strong. The app makes it possible to send his bids directly to his current retailers for them to quote first. However, Michael is looking forward to seeing his local GROWERS Retail Network grow.

“I send most of my requests to my network of four to five retailers,” Michael says. “Yes, retailers may not get the same level of business from their current farmers, but if they join the GROWERS Retail Network, they’ll have access to more farmers than they had before. There’s new relationships to be discovered.”

Advancing with the Industry

It didn’t take Michael long to determine if the GROWERS App would fit into his ongoing farm operations. Within a couple weeks and a few input purchases, Michael knew this app was quickly becoming his preferred purchase process. 

“GROWERS, and technology within the agriculture industry,  keeps coming out with new and innovative solutions,” Michael says. “I’m really looking forward to seeing how the app evolves to help me and my farm succeed even more than it already has.”

The GROWERS App is currently available in South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Illinois. Create a free account today, or join the list of farmers who are eager for the app’s launch within your state.
For more information, go to growers.ag/growers-app

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