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Tank Mix Creation? No Problem.

Tank mix creation on site

Available For: All RALLY Users

There is a high turnover rate in ag retail, and the ag retail sales process is extremely complicated and nuanced. Small to medium-sized ag retailers need to make their business as efficient as possible to compete with their competitors. Because different people within a business will have varying expertise, putting together consistent deliverables like tank mixes can be difficult. 

What Is a Tank Mix? 

Tank mixes are a combination of products created and prescribed to farmers based on a need in their field and are often closely related to field activity and crop practices. 

  • A tank mix can consist of fertilizers and chemicals (pesticide, herbicide, etc.)
  • Tank mixes are created to minimize passes across a field. Sometimes the combined products can also increase the efficacy. 

What Does a GROWERS.RALLY Tank Mix Look Like? 

In RALLY, a single Tank Mix is a ‘per acre’ mix that can later be applied to a Crop Logic Pass. Located in the “Planning” section of the RALLY app, the Tank Mix feature allows users to easily create a mix of chemicals and fertilizers for farmers with access to a product list. Users can then recommend that tank mix for farms, fields, or crop zones in the app.

So What? 

  • Scales the knowledge of a company’s most experienced employees to help their less experienced employees learn and craft high-quality plans for their growers.
  • Improves consistency in quality of sales experience.
  • All employees can gain efficiency by starting with a completed tank mix and tweaking vs. starting from scratch.

How Can You Start Using the RALLY Tank Mix Feature? 

For current RALLY users, it’s as simple as logging into the RALLY app, uploading your chem products, hitting the Tank Mix tab, and boom… you’re on your way. 

For all of our future RALLY users, it’s even simpler… a quick call and a handshake and tank mixes passed throughout the sales team through text message.

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