Since 2012, GROWERS has worked to push technology in the ag industry forward. Our vision is to put easy-to-use technology in the hands of every farmer, advisor, and retailer in the industry.


We’re A Great Place to Work!

Based solely on employee responses, 95% of employees said that GROWERS is a great place to work – 36 points higher than the average U.S. company.


Think Like An Owner

Too often, an employee is valued more for how much output they can generate over anything else. GROWERS prides itself in making employees a priority. Our company culture is based on the motto “Think like an owner” in all aspects of the job. By encouraging an atmosphere of ownership, employees are made to feel valued and respected.

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The Perks

Flexible work location

Volunteer paid time off

Company-funded development

Competitive benefits

Generous 401K match

Our Core values

The Things We Value

We Think Like Owners

We put the business needs first and are proactive when executing against our roles and responsibilities.

We Win With People

We value expertise and being intellectually curious and we strive to get better at our jobs every single day – we all want to be best-in-class at our role.

We Are Humble

We never blur the line between confidence and ego, because when we are wrong, we admit it and take responsibility.

We Are Inspired By Our Customers

Any success we will achieve as a company will stem from the fact that we have provided value to our customers.


We’re Newsworthy!

From product launches and tradeshow events to exclusive advisory boards and community service, GROWERS prides itself on taking action to push ag retail forward. To stay up-to-date, check out our newsroom where we post the most current happenings around GROWERS.


We Give Back to the Community!

We understand how important it is to give back and support our community. So much so, that we created a unique program that helps employees stay in touch with the community while feeling supported by the company. Through our Growers.Givesback program, employees can utilize Volunteer Time Off (VTO) to volunteer and help make a difference.


GROWERS’ CEO, Steven Valencsin, founded GROWERS over a decade ago because he saw an opportunity to push technology forward in the ag industry. Steven understands agriculture because he has experienced just about every part of it. He started on the family farm in Washington state and from there ran both a fertilizer tender and a liquid applicator for a farmer-owned retailer, created a soil testing lab after serving in the Navy, and now owns and manages his own farm in Central North Carolina.

Steven is devoted to changing ag through the adoption and advancement of technology. Since its founding, GROWERS has grown to over 50 employees who all share the same passion and respect for agriculture. Today, that passion is focused on championing the ag retailer’s role in the increasingly competitive marketplace.

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