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Solutions for Farmers:

There’s A Better Way To Manage Input Purchasing

Researching products, requesting pricing and managing options is an important but time consuming part of purchasing inputs for the crop year.

Let us help you gather and manage prices for the products you need so you’re making informed buying decisions with access to the most retailers and products.

The GROWERS App for farmers is completely FREE!


Data Management and Analysis as a Service

The GROWERS Guide team has 10+ years of experience and a diverse background in precision ag, agronomy, technology, data science, spatial analytics and software development to leverage industry leading toolage and tech to bring practical solutions to your farm. We work quickly behind the scenes so you can spend more impactful time in the field.

If you’re just starting off in your journey, we will work to:
  • Organize and manage your cloud based digital ag data platforms (John Deere® Operations Center, Climate FieldView™, AgLeader® AgFiniti® and more)
  • Consolidate data to maximize ROI of your current on farm investment
If you’re advanced in your data journey, we will work to:
  • Streamline farm data collection
  • Accurately preserve and standardize historical data
  • Extract maximum value out of current dataset
  • Achieve greater insight via YoY and custom reporting
  • Execute logistically attainable and actionable decisions via advanced timely Rx creation
  • Avoid pitfalls of over-leveraging dataset and under-leveraging farmer experience
  • Develop a forward facing data strategy
  • Take advantage of current and future advances in technology and AI
  • Implement convenience focused improvements seamlessly

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