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Helping farmers secure and make sense of precision ag data.

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Data Analysis Without The Headache

With one chance a year to get it right, farmers can’t afford to leave any datapoint unanalyzed when making management decisions. The problem is, who has time for that?

We do! Let our precision ag data experts analyze, consolidate and create reports using your data that you can easily translate into management decisions that will directly impact your bottomline.

Precision Data Solutions Include:

Data management and consolidation




Data-driven reporting

How Does This Work?


Farmer works with the GROWERS guide team to pull data from all of their sources.


GROWERS’ Data Scientist will standardize the data, clean it, make reports and store it in a data repository for the customer and provide a hard copy of their data.


GROWERS Guide team will provide insights learned from the data to help the farmer make better operational decisions.

How Data Impacts Your Bottom Line

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