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Solutions For Everyone, No Matter Where You Are In Your Data Journey

The GROWERS Guide team has 10+ years of experience and a diverse background in precision ag, agronomy, technology, data science, spatial analytics and software development to leverage industry leading toolage and tech to bring practical solutions to your farm. We work quickly behind the scenes so you can spend more impactful time in the field.

If you’re just starting off in your journey, we will work to:
  • Organize and manage your cloud based digital ag data platforms (John Deere® Operations Center, Climate FieldView™, AgLeader® AgFiniti® and more)
  • Consolidate data to maximize ROI of your current on farm investment
If you’re advanced in your data journey, we will work to:
  • Streamline farm data collection
  • Accurately preserve and standardize historical data
  • Extract maximum value out of current dataset
  • Achieve greater insight via YoY and custom reporting
  • Execute logistically attainable and actionable decisions via advanced timely Rx creation
  • Avoid pitfalls of over-leveraging dataset and under-leveraging farmer experience
  • Develop a forward facing data strategy
  • Take advantage of current and future advances in technology and AI
  • Implement convenience focused improvements seamlessly

Precision Data Solutions Include:

Cloud-based digital ag data platform management

(John Deere® Operations Center, Climate FieldView™ and more)

Data management and consolidation

Recommendations and advanced Rx Creation

Training & consulting

Data-driven reporting

How Does This Work?

Digital Ag Platform Management:

Many farmers struggle keeping their cloud-based digital ag data platforms (John Deere® Operations Center, Climate FieldView™, AgLeader® AgFiniti® and more) organized and up to date. Multiple boundaries for the same farm, incorrect clients, historical data not showing up correctly, off-color equipment data missing and data uploading to the wrong fields are just a few of the common challenges farmers face. The GROWERS Guide team can assist in getting your digital ag platform in a more useable condition. We will quickly work behind the scenes so you can have valuable information about your operation in the palm of your hand.

Data Management:

Collecting accurate farm data is certainly not easy. As the data has increased in value, so has the need for data security and a data management plan. It is important to consolidate, standardize and backup your data to preserve its present and future use and value. The GROWERS Guide team can extract data from your various sources, clean, organize and store the data in a cloud-synced accessible repository as well as provide a hard copy of your dataset.

Reporting & Actionable Decisions:

Farmers with large, multi-year and multi-layer farm datasets can find it challenging to extract custom or YoY insights and execute actionable decisions that actually impact the bottom line in a timely manner. Every farming operation is different with a unique farm dataset and faces a distinct set of challenges. Having a data scientist, spatial analyst, precision ag tech and software developer on staff is typically cost prohibitive even for larger operations. When paired with a GROWERS Guide account manager, you will have access to the host of skill-sets, tools, technology and experience needed to properly leverage your precision ag data.

How Data Impacts Your Bottom Line

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