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DURHAM, N.C. September 5, 2023 – Ag Partners Coop, a leading agricultural cooperative and retailer of agricultural inputs, energy, grain, and agronomy services, proudly announces its decision to join The GROWERS Retail Network. This collaboration connects Ag Partners to farmers on The GROWERS App, a cutting-edge digital platform that enables farmers to connect with retailers, explore and purchase input products. Aligning with Ag Partners vision for sustainable growth, farmers can directly submit their product requests to GROWERS Retail Network input providers like Ag Partners without needing a brick-and-mortor location nearby, revolutionizing the input procurement process and fostering digital interactions with their ag retailers. 

The GROWERS App was developed to address the inefficiencies in the conventional input procurement process, which typically involves contacting multiple retailers, collecting pricing information, and manually comparing prices before making a purchase. By leveraging The GROWERS App, farmers and retailers can streamline this process by enabling farmers to submit their input requests within the platform, share them with retailers, and receive, compare, select, and purchase their inputs seamlessly in one place. This results in increased efficiency for farmers and empowers retailers to serve farmers in a modern, digitally enabled manner.

“We are thrilled to embark on this new chapter as Ag Partners joins The GROWERS Retail Network through The GROWERS App,” said Adam Jefferis, Ag Partners VP of Agronomy. “This collaboration ignites a wave of excitement as we embrace the opportunity to connect with farmers on a digital platform, revolutionizing the way they access our top-notch agronomy solutions. By leveraging the power of The GROWERS App, we can seamlessly provide farmers with a streamlined purchasing experience, enhancing their convenience and productivity while growing the Ag Partners’ footprint. This partnership signifies a momentous leap forward in our commitment to serving farmers with unrivaled expertise and innovative technologies.”

Building on Ag Partner’s 2023 goal of expanding opportunities and access for farmers in its footprint, it chose The GROWERS App as a way of serving as a comprehensive platform for farmers to explore and procure inputs, including seed, crop protection products, fertilizers, fuel, and services from local and other reputable retailers within The GROWERS Retail Network. The platform delivers the convenience of a digital platform, a streamlined approach to ordering inputs, as well as an avenue for growth for retailers such as Ag Partners.

“I am delighted to welcome Ag Partners into our GROWERS Retail Network,” expressed Steven Valencsin, CEO of GROWERS. “Ag Partners brings a wealth of expertise, a strong commitment to farmers, and a shared vision for transforming the agricultural industry. With their innovative thinking and openness to embracing technology, we are poised to enhance our collective capabilities and provide farmers with unparalleled access to novel input procurement solutions. Together, we will revolutionize the way farmers experience agronomy retail, empowering them to achieve sustainable growth and maximize their yields.”

For a limited time, GROWERS and Ag Partners are offering $500 back to any farmer making their first purchase of $5,000 or more on The GROWERS App through Ag Partners. To learn more about Ag Partners and explore program details, please visit agpartnerscoop.com or create an account on The GROWERS App at growersapp.ag/agpartners.

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