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FieldX Inc., GROWERS integrate platforms to bring value to farmers through network of agronomists

DURHAM, N.C. February 13, 2023 – Today, two North Carolina-based agriculture technology providers, FieldX Inc., and GROWERS announced the integration of their platforms, FieldX® and The GROWERS App. The integration brings enhanced value to farmers who work with agronomists enabled by the FieldX platform. FieldX, an independent agricultural software platform for agronomists, and The GROWERS App, a free input management platform for farmers, are now integrated to allow farmers to turn agronomic recommendations from their agronomists into input purchases.

The integration enables agronomists to send product and quantity recommendations created in FieldX directly to The GROWERS App where farmers can share these product requests with their retail partners, the GROWERS Retail Network, or both. Farmers can then use The GROWERS App platform to review, compare and purchase the products directly from the retailers through the platform.

“Creating an integration with FieldX made a lot of sense for many reasons, but especially because the teams at FieldX and GROWERS align so closely in our desire to use technology to move agriculture forward by helping farmers, agronomists, and retailers,” said Steven Valencsin, GROWERS’ CEO.

Farmers benefit from the integration by gaining access to more options of products and prices and ease of converting agronomic recommendations into product orders for their operations. Agronomists that utilize FieldX benefit from the additional value the integration brings to their farmer customers by helping them organize important buying decisions to promote farmer profitability.

“We are pleased to be able to offer agronomists using the FieldX Platform yet another way to add value to their farmer customers,” said David Krueger, FieldX Inc. CEO. “With the agronomist’s ability to now convert their trusted agronomic recommendations into input orders that the farmer can easily execute on, we’re greatly increasing the efficiency of the traditional process and giving farmers more options in how they buy inputs.”

To learn more about GROWERS, The GROWERS App, and the other product lines that serve farmers and ag retailers, visit www.growers.ag. To learn more about FieldX Inc. and the FieldX Platform, visit www.fieldx.com.


Growers Holdings, Inc. (GROWERS) is a North-Carolina-based agriculture technology company on a mission to put easy-to-use technology in the hands of every farmer and advisor in the agriculture industry. GROWERS helps align agronomists, ag retailers, and other trusted advisors around the farmer’s success to build a sustainable, profitable future. 

Since 2012, GROWERS has employed a team of data scientists, engineers, developers, and agronomists, serving a rapidly growing customer base across the U.S. To learn more, visit growers.ag.

About FieldX

FieldX Inc. is an independent, North Carolina-based agricultural software development company. Our flagship software product is the FieldX Platform. This platform is used by agronomists, growers, retailers, cooperatives, and applicators to help them organize, understand, and use their agronomic data.

The FieldX Platform was used in 2022 to record data for over 3 million field activities (Scouting, Recommendations, Planting, etc) on 15 million acres in the United States and Canada.

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