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GROWERS Expands New Network Of Ag Retailers Bringing Alternative Way For Farmers To Connect With Agribusiness to Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri

DURHAM, N.C., January 20, 2023 – GROWERS, a North Carolina-based agriculture technology company, announced its farmer-facing platform, The GROWERS App will expand its pilot to Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Missouri beginning today. The GROWERS App, an online agriculture inputs management platform, is free for farmers and gives them an opportunity to digitize their input procurement process, which is traditionally lengthy and tedious. GROWERS, known best for its ag retail sales enhancement platform, GROWERS Rally, announced a pilot of The GROWERS App in South Dakota and Illinois in January 2023.

The GROWERS App Logo

Aligning with GROWERS’ mission to put easy-to-use software solutions in the hands of every farmer and advisor in agriculture, The GROWERS App allows farmers to gain exposure to new retailers and cooperatives, products and services as well as gather pricing on farm inputs, organize and compare offers, then select the best offer. Transactions can even be completed in the platform if so desired.

“This isn’t e-commerce or online shopping, a model which still has challenges in this industry,” explains Steven Valencsin, GROWERS CEO. “Instead, The GROWERS App leverages a digital platform to create an online community that connects buyers and sellers around a common goal: fulfilling needs and completing profitable transactions.” 

The GROWERS App in three phones

Farmers on The GROWERS App benefit from gaining access to more options on products and prices from the retailers, cooperatives and input providers which are likely outside their current network or geography. Retailers benefit from being able to increase their sales by gaining access to new customers in the platform without having to increase their sales force – a significant benefit in today’s labor market.

“Everything we do at GROWERS is for the betterment of farmers, and The GROWERS App is a natural progression of our flagship product, GROWERS Rally,” says Valencsin. “We took a look at how we could make the biggest impact on the farmer’s business and input buying was at the top of the list. The GROWERS App is a platform that helps farmers manage their quotes, compare prices and expand their access to retailers to help them ensure they’re getting the best opportunities for their operations to be successful.”

Farmer looking at phone with growers app

The GROWERS Retail Network

With the launch of the South Dakota pilot of The GROWERS App, GROWERS began building The GROWERS Retail Network. The GROWERS Retail Network is a group of agriculture retailers and cooperatives that meet GROWERS’ standard of service, reputation, and commitment to serving farmers. When requesting prices on products or services through The GROWERS App, farmers can either send the request to their own local retailers, The GROWERS Retail Network, or both.

“One of the many points of feedback we heard over and over again from farmers as we did market research for The GROWERS App is that they feel limited to the products, knowledge and prices of their local retailers,” says Valencsin. “In order to give farmers access to the widest range of products and services at the best prices while also ensuring they have an excellent customer experience we realized we needed to build our own network of retailers who met our high standards of service and integrity, thus the conception of The GROWERS Retail Network.”

Today, The GROWERS Retail Network is made up of retailers that sell seed, fertilizer, chemicals, fuel, biologicals, micronutrients, soil sampling, precision data analysis, and more. GROWERS is actively recruiting retailers to join its network as the pilot expands.


GROWERS Rally is GROWERS’ sales enhancement platform designed to help retailers give farmers an efficient and professional buying experience. The platform also serves as a way for retailers to manage farmer input requests as they come in. Using GROWERS Rally, retailers can easily view new requests, apply product pricing pulled directly from the retailer’s internal price list, as well as recommend replacement products. GROWERS Rally also allows retailers to keep an accurate record of which offers were accepted, rejected and are still pending. GROWERS Rally and The GROWERS App together bring farmers a differentiated input buying experience.

Growers app connects to growers rally

Expansion of The GROWERS App 

The pilot of The GROWERS App will continue to expand across the United States over the next several months. The next expansion is planned to include North Dakota, Kansas, Nebraska, North Carolina, Virginia and the Delta region of the United States within the first quarter of 2023.

To learn more about The GROWERS App, create a free farmer account or apply to join The GROWERS Retail Network, visit: growers.ag/growers-app/.


Growers Holdings, Inc. (GROWERS) is a North-Carolina-based agriculture technology company on a mission to put easy-to-use technology in the hands of every farmer and advisor in the agriculture industry. GROWERS helps align agronomists, ag retailers, and other trusted advisors around the success of the farmer to build a sustainable, profitable future.

Since 2012, GROWERS has employed a team of data scientists, engineers, developers, and agronomists, serving a rapidly growing customer base across the U.S. To learn more, visit growers.ag.

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