Build a better ag retail business.

Join the GROWERS Retail Network to connect with farmers using The GROWERS App to purchase inputs.

We Help Agribusiness Serve Farmers

More opportunities for you to do business with farmers

New market reach outside of your brick and mortar geographies

Less capital risked to reach a broader segment of the market

Greater insight of market intelligence with sales forecasts

Solutions For Retailers:

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Run A Better Retail Business

Increase margins and maximize sales by getting the right product at the right price-point in front of the right customer with GROWERS Rally!

  • Manage sales teams, instantly see team’s sales performance and proactively plan sales
  • Avoid customer attrition and missed sales opportunities with live alerts
  • Understand progress against manufacturer rebate goals
  • Customize organizational goals and track progress
  • Optimize product prices
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Make It So Easy To Do Business, Farmers Can’t Say No

The GROWERS Retail Network is a group of agriculture retailers and cooperatives that meet GROWERS’ standard of service, reputation, and commitment to serving farmers. When making requests for input products and services on The GROWERS App, farmers have the option to send their request to their local retailers, The GROWERS Retail Network, or both.

As part of our GROWERS Retail Network, you’ll have more sales opportunities sent directly to your business from farmers. Get ahead of the game and grow your revenue by providing an enhanced digital buying experience with your current customers and win business of new customers.

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Provide Competitive Finance Programs To Your Customers

Financing through The GROWERS App is simple and easy. With the click of a button, farmers using The GROWERS App to purchase inputs get access to competitive programs and rates through our trusted financing partners. Retailers in The GROWERS Retail Network can work with our financing partners to create a custom finance plan for their business to extend to their customers.

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