Supercharge Your Ag Retail Business

Imagine the ability to organize customer details all in one place, adjust variables in seconds, and make recommendations that drive real value to your customers. Now you can do this and more, with Growers RALLY™.


Growers RALLY™

A Customer Relationship Management Solution That Streamlines Your Day

- Build Grower Relationships

Work directly with your growers to create crop plans

- Improve Customer & Team Communications

Make it easier for managers and sales teams to work together

- Prepare & Review Plans

Design and review crop plans as you prepare for customer meetings

- Generate Purchase Summary Reports

Keep track of your products in real-time

- Evaluate Farm Profitability

See the impact your recommendations will have before implementing

Powerful Tools Allow You to Convert Leads & Close Deals Easily

Collect Data

Using your company’s products and your customer's boundaries, create specialized crop plans, assign preferred products, and adjust yield goals all in one, viewable dashboard.


Run fast, unlimited what-if scenarios to see the financial impact of your decisions before making them.


Make recommendations across your farmer’s entire business in a matter of minutes.

Work From Anywhere

Get valuable customer data when and where you need it. Growers RALLY™ allows you to adjust prices, change inputs, and check on your sales team’s progress in the field, from the road, or at your desk.

Help More Customers in Less Time

Growers RALLY™ has all the features you need to collaborate effectively with your growers.


Quickly and easily conduct what-if analysis on all farming decisions.


Create proprietary lists of your seeds, fertilizers, or chemicals.


Easily export purchase summaries for better planning in-season and in the future.


Easily review reports on farm performance.


Save your plans to the Cloud so even turnover can’t interrupt your workflow.


Share your crop plan with your customer without worrying about unwanted edits.


See a grower’s past field performance to make future product recommendations


Across The Industry

“In the past, our sales team would all use different homemade spreadsheets. Growers Sales Tool has standardized and centralized the way we communicate to customers. It makes it very simple and fast for us to produce high-quality prescriptions and zone creations that lead to a profitable year of production for our farmers.”

Patrick Erickson

General Manager of AgResources | Arthur Companies

“Before, to do anything with data was cumbersome, and it was hard to get our salesmen excited about selling data services. With the Agronomy and Sales Tool, our team can build better relationships with their customers in the field, and become advisors for them on all aspects of their farm.”

Matt Culler

President & CEO | Ag Info Tech

End-to-End Support

We Support You Through It All.

The simple interface of Growers RALLY™ means that you’ll be up and running in no time. However, should you ever need help in using the tool, we’re here to answer questions and provide support.

Onsite Training

We bring our trainers to your location so you get hands-on experience on how to quickly create and execute crop plans and variable rate prescriptions.

Excellent support

Questions? Our Customer Success Managers are ready to help if you get stuck.


We designed our tools to bring everyone, from the farmer to the seed dealer, to the table with one platform that drives a sustainable, profitable future.

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