We need farmers and agribusinesses to flourish in order to have a fighting chance

GROWERS Pledge To Sustainability

When we talk about sustainability, we speak about the sustainability of agriculture and agri-business as a whole. We need farmers and agribusinesses to flourish in order to have a fighting chance to overcome all the world’s biggest challenges.

We pledge to build simple to use and innovative technology for the farmer’s trusted advisor – positioning them as the invaluable guide to help farmers face these challenges head-on.

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GROWERS Rally™ captures the building blocks for sustainability and carbon verification programs

We provide technology that helps ag retail collect the data needed for sustainability programs while carrying out their standard day-to-day duties, so if a farmers decides to participate in a program, the information is available.

Our Focus

The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs has identified 17 goals to take action on for global Sustainable Development.

GROWERS is committed to focusing on the following 6 goals in 2023.

We are technology solutions that give farmers access to quality inputs at prices they can afford which is necessary to produce the worlds food.
Our Management Team is 55% women (compared to 21% across all industries).
Nearly 100% of our customers and prospects live in areas designated as “rural”. GROWERS Rally promotes success of small business and individuals that live in these rural areas and communities.
Responsible fertilizer recommendations are a critical first step to preventing runoff and water pollution.
Farmers work with ag retailers (our customers) to develop realistic and economical crop plans resulting in more responsible production practices.
In 2023 we will pursue partnerships with organizations that aim to help farmers capture data for carbon offset programs.

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