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“Growers is exactly the partner we needed to extract value from our customer's data. At the end of the day, the most important person is the farmer. When you help the customer farm better, you succeed too."

Layne Richins

Precision Ag Manager
Stotz Equipment
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“Other companies are just a bunch of smoke and mirrors with pretty charts that never really mean anything, and the data isn’t right. Growers is the only one who has made data click.”

Paul Talley

Talley Farms

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“Growers has allowed us to concentrate on making every acre profitable.”

Barret Flowe

Barret Flowe Farms

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“There’s so much data out there, but Growers helps me connect with that data and understand it. I sleep easier at night knowing I have them in my corner to help me with my farming operation.”

Justin Allen

North Slope Farms
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“Sometimes, things aren't easy, and it's tough game right now. We've got to minimize inputs and maximize production—that's the bottom line. Growers is in a position to help us do that."

Tommy Cartrite


Tommy and Valerie Cartrite Farms

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“When we started working with Growers, we were able to hone in on what varieties did really well and in what areas. We could look at the data after the season was over to know what we needed to change. It made it a whole lot easier to figure out multi hybrid planting. To keep these farms going, we need companies like Growers."

Larry Skiftun


Skiftun Farms Inc