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No more sending and managing quotes in spreadsheets and text messages! Finally, there’s an input management platform designed for farmers to manage prices and quotes and expand access to products and services.

Use The GROWERS App to gain access to products and services that may not be available locally but could benefit your farm. Your opportunities are no longer limited by the retailers in your county.

Managing Quotes Is This Easy:

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Set up an account, fill out a price request form and apply for financing if needed.

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Send price request to retailers to submit their best prices on the products.

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Receive offers, make selections and complete the purchase.

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This app is currently available to farmers in the following states:

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The GROWERS Retail Network

The GROWERS Retail Network is a group of agriculture retailers and cooperatives that meet GROWERS’ standard of service, reputation, and commitment to serving farmers. When requesting prices on products or services through The GROWERS App, farmers can either send the request to their own local retailers, The GROWERS Retail Network, or both.

Interested in joining The GROWERS Retail Network?

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Need Financing?

Now, it’s simple for farmers to get financing! We’ve partnered with a trusted financial institution to provide your customers with financing options.

  • Prequalification for up to $400,000 of unsecured financing.
  • Farmer selects to utilize financing for orders in platform.
  • Funds transferred to retailer via ACH transfer.
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Loan Details:

$50,000 to $400,000 (Loans less than $400,000 are underwritten by the application only. Loans greater than $400,000 require 2 years tax returns along with application)

OI Only until maturity

Three draws, invoice required for each draw. Invoice will be paid directly to the Ag Retailer

Seed, Fertilizer, Chemical and other Crop Care Products

12 Months

Non-revolving, multiple disbursement note




680 > 10%
640 – 680 12%
< 640 16%


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is The GROWERS App?

The GROWERS App is a platform that connects farmers and retailers that may not have had an opportunity to do business with one another using the traditional face-to-face selling method. The GROWERS App also gives farmers a place to store, manage and organize their input pricing and product information.

How much does it cost to use The GROWERS App?

The platform is free for farmers to use.

Can I choose which retailers to send my price request to?

Yes! Farmers can choose to send price requests to their local retailers and/or The GROWERS Retail Network.

What is the GROWERS Retail Network?

The GROWERS Retail Network is a cohort of retailers that meet GROWERS’ high standards for products, service and customer satisfaction. We’ve put together the network keeping the variety of products and services available, as well as their geography, distribution ability and service area.

If I purchase a product that doesn’t meet my expectations, will the manufacturer still stand behind it?

All manufacturer terms and conditions still apply. The GROWERS App is simply connecting farmers to retailers.

What payment options are available through The GROWERS App?

Farmers can choose to pay in cash or express the need for financing. If financing is indicated, a customer success representative will contact you to begin the financing process.

How do I know the freight costs?

If shipping is needed, the retailer will indicate shipping costs in the pricing provided.

Once I receive pricing back from retailers, am I obligated to complete a transaction?

No, once pricing is returned from the retailers and the request has expired, the farmer can compare what’s been submitted and select which to move forward with if any.

What if I don’t receive any prices back from a price request?

There may be scenarios where pricing requests are not responded to by the retailers. If that’s the case, try resubmitting the pricing request and including the GROWERS Retail Network. 


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